Right out of high school, I started working in a historical museum and was there for 10 happy years as the curator’s assistant. I learned nomenclature, built dioramas, catalogued old photographs, and spent hours researching and identifying curious old objects. My favorite items in the museum were the intricately beaded Anishinaabe moccasins, bandolier bags and porcupine quill baskets.

I studied graphic design and illustration in college, but ended up pursuing my Master’s in English after a stint in the Peace Corps. I taught English in Botswana–out in a small village in the Kalahari–and after that, bounced around a bit trying to figure out what I really wanted to do. I’ve worked in restaurants; lived in my car for a summer while collecting data on birds and bird habitat; taught computer courses; built websites; taught composition at two different universities as an adjunct and later full time instructor; served as Department Chair; became Director of a Writing Across the Curriculum program (which oversaw our composition department and writing center); presented research from California to Paris; co-authored and edited several books (on composition, critical thinking, and innovation); and did plenty of marketing and graphic design along the way, too.

Currently, I edit books, illustrate, and come up with products based on my art. And take care of my family, two German shepherds, and two sassy parakeets.

My work is available on Etsy, and through Threadless and Society6.

My favorite social media platform is my Instagram account. I am there checking in with other artists and coloring fanatics and posting updates more than anywhere else, but if you are on Facebook you can check out my  RubyCharmColors page and join the new RubyCharmColors Community to share your colorings of Ruby Charm illustrations, ask questions, share techniques and more. I also throw in a few surprise give-away illustrations now and then!

For inquiries, you can reach me at my old-school email address (does anyone else still use hotmail?)