September was an exciting month for the Ruby Charm Colors project since that’s when Volumes 1 & 2 of the Ruby Charm Colors Adult Coloring Art Journals were finally published on Amazon!

Both books encourage users (or colorists) to expand their coloring horizons and play. There are spaces to write notes, experiment with different color combinations, and full page “plates” for coloring. Having extra room to try out ideas before committing to the full illustrations takes some of the pressure away from getting a coloring right the first time, plus it gives us space to try different techniques and just have a little fun.

Check out the two very thorough video flip-throughs done by Steph Johnston (aka @red_tifa on Instagram) on her Red_Tifa YouTube channel. She goes through each page in both volumes so you can see and understand the structure and purpose of the books as well as all the different pieces of art you will have to play with.

Ruby Charm Colors Adult Coloring Art Journal, Volume 1:
Ruby Charm Colors Adult Coloring Art Journal, Volume 2:

Stay tuned for news about the upcoming companion book!

February 4, 2018: I’ve got a free illustration available as a thank you for friends and fans! You have all been so supportive, so this Valentine’s for you! Just download, print and color!


Jan, 2018: Cheers to a new year! I decided to try to spend a little more time on Facebook to help promote my illustrations for coloring. My heart still belongs to Instagram, but for those on Facebook, you can check out my  RubyCharmColors page and even join the RubyCharmColors Community to share ideas, techniques, and ask questions, and share your colored (or partially colored) Ruby Charm illustrations . I hope to check in with Facebook at least once a day, but still need to make sure I have plenty of time for art. 😉

Dec. 15, 2017: Please pardon my mess while I make updates to my website and to my Etsy shop (featuring adult coloring books and downloadable coloring pages) and my Artist Shop (slowly filling up with fun, practical items like pillows, blankets, mugs and adorable tote bags)! I’ve been busy working on new products for both, and would love for you to check out my new Shop page which highlights some of my newest products. Happy holidays!


December 6, 2017: I am very happy to announce my first product now available through Threadless! It is a  6″ x 8″, 120 page, lined spiral notebook with a document pocket on the inside back cover. You can color the rest of the cover or leave it as is!