DIY ‘Color Your Own’ Tote Bags & Spiral Notebooks Collection

I am pretty excited about the possibilities with this new line of notebooks and totes that can be hand-colored by anyone and everyone who loves to color (and personalize their gear). The idea grew out of a growing collection of black and white illustrations that were created especially for people who love to color. The “coloring craze” was predicted to be a fad, but based on my experiences getting to know colorists and some of the artists like myself who create coloring books and pages, I think the craze is here to stay … and it is being elevated. That said, I decided to apply my designs to items that can be colored, but also used again and again.

This collection of original Ruby Charm Colors illustrations are printed on totes and notebook covers and are currently available in six different designs: Cicadas, Paisley Fox, Bo Dog and the Moon, Beetle, Three Birds and Botanical Butterfly with Spheres. They truly become your own unique and practical items once you add your own colors. They make wonderful gifts and are an enjoyable activity for crafty, creative gatherings, bridal shower gifts, and birthday parties. Have a special request for a design modification? Just drop me a line!


‘Color Your Own’ Paisley Fox Tote Bag and Spiral Notebook

‘Color Your Own’ Spiral Notebooks:

Jot your notes down in a soft-cover, 6” x 8” spiral notebook with 120 lined pages (90gsm paper stock) with a document pocket in the back. The card stock weight cover (350gsm) features an original black and grey line Ruby Charm Colors illustration that can be colored with your own favorite colored pencils, pens or markers.


‘Color Your Own’ Bo Dog and Moon Spiral Notebook

‘Color Your Own’ Tote Bags:

The tote bags, perfect for daily errands, shopping, hauling art supplies, or even using as a special gift bag, can be colored or painted by you or others as well! The black and grey line illustrations (currently six available) are printed on both sides and constructed of 100% spun polyester with cotton web handles. They are lined with black fabric and available in three sizes: 13” square, 16” square and 18” square.


‘Color Your Own’ Butterfly and Cicadas totes

The totes can be colored with your favorite Sharpies, fabric markers, fabric inks and paints, or acrylics. Be sure to first test your colors on the bottom of the bag since it is 100% spun polyester and may not be suitable for some markers or paints.

Always do a quick test in an inconspicuous spot first!

Always follow manufacturer instructions for proper use of any paints, inks or markers you plan to use. We also recommend inserting a piece of cardboard or plastic between the front and back sides of the bags to prevent paint/marker bleed through.

Also, pay attention to manufacturer instructions regarding special cleaning considerations – your normally machine washable tote will likely need special care (like hand-washing in cool water) once it is colored.

Totes and notebooks are manufactured and delivered directly to you by Threadless, and all designs are based on illustrations originally created for the Ruby Charm Colors coloring books and printable pages.


‘Color Your Own’ Three Birds tote bag


More designs will be added as time goes on, so bookmark this page and check back now and then!
IMPORTANT REMINDER: Please be sure to test the paints or markers you plan to use on a small corner (or bottom) of the bag! Applying paints or markers will affect the washability of the fabric, so consider hand-washing in cool water and hanging to dry once you have worked your color magic!


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The black & white illustration this design is based on was originally drawn by the artist, Susan Carlson, for the Ruby Charm collection of coloring pages and books for coloring enthusiasts.
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