Illustrating & Designing Bits of Happiness

I’ve always been drawn to lines. My illustration professors hounded me to explore shape and texture instead of focusing on lines. I understood why, but I always went back to the lines. Especially curvy lines. Circles and spirals. Lines inspired by the natural world and lines that intersected and created patterns.

I’ve seen plenty of adult coloring books in bookstores and even picked up a few (including a copy of Johanna Basford’s “Secret Garden”) to share with my daughter during a trip. During Christmas of 2016, it was hard not to notice the mountains of coloring books and colored pencils in bookstores and other retail chains, and so I started thinking about drawing again–something I hadn’t devoted enough time to for the past few years. I completed a few illustrations that winter and grabbed my watercolor pencils to test out my designs to see if they would be enjoyable to color. And then I dug out my colored pencils.

As much as I didn’t want to admit I enjoyed coloring as much as I loved illustrating . . . I did.

I started researching adult coloring books, bought an iPad pro and Apple Pencil once I realized my old Wacom Bamboo tablet was no longer adequate for my needs, and then got to work.

My first book, Ruby Charm: 25 Artful Illustrations for Coloring Enthusiasts, was completed in July of 2017. I also self-published a “Black Magic” coloring book (which was printed entirely on black card stock, sported a hand embossed cover, and is now completely SOLD OUT). I am currently working on a new coloring book (which will feature fantastical insects) and working toward republishing my original book in a less expensive format. I also continue to add to my collection of downloadable digital coloring pages available at RubyCharmColors on Etsy.

I started designing home goods and accessories (like notebooks, journals, coffee mugs, pillows, throws and tote bags) based on my illustrations as well as my acrylic paintings in September. They can be found in my Threadless Artist Shop and my Society6 Shop. My most recent project (January of 2018) is the development of a “Color Your Own” line of tote bags and spiral notebooks. The bags can be painted or colored with ink, while colored pencils or markers can be used to color the notebooks.

The “FEATURED” link at the top of this page showcases the latest additions to my growing body of products.

If you enjoy coloring and happen to stumble across my work, please let me know what you think and follow me! You can find me on Instagram @rubycharmcolors and on Facebook (where I also host the RubyCharmColors Community group page).

If you join the group, keep your eyes open for occasional illustrations for coloring giveaways!


Happy coloring!