Volume 2 of the RCC Adult Coloring Art Journal is now on Amazon!

Volume 2 is finally done and residing on Amazon as a link you can click to purchase a book full of coloring goodness—especially when paired with Volume 1 (see a review of V1 here). I ran into a few issues during this project and they set me back in regard to time, but I think it was worth the wait. The books are done and I am ready to work on an Art Journal companion that should dovetail nicely with the adult coloring books.

The upcoming Companion will be more like a journal (similar to a bullet journal) with plenty of room to write, calendars, and lists for those who love coloring and art in general. There will also be lots of little illustrations to color and doodle around with, so stay tuned! The tentative release is late October / early November—definitely in time for the holidays!


Volume 2 of the Ruby Charm Colors Adult Coloring Art Journal


Paisley Fox page from the Ruby Charm Colors Adult Coloring Art Journal, Volume 2