New “Creative Companion” for 2019 hitting Amazon soon!

After months of work, my third book, the Ruby Charm Colors Creative Companion: 2019 Organizer and Coloring Art Journal, will be available on Amazon just before Thanksgiving. It is a cousin to the Ruby Charms Colors Adult Coloring Art Journals, but more geared toward journaling and keeping track of your creative needs.

As an artist of adult coloring pages, and as someone who loves colored pencils, I wanted to design a book that could keep all my creative necessities together—things like lists of pencils and other art supplies I have and need, calendars to help me keep track of projects, events and appointments, room to make yet more lists of things to do, blog post ideas, project goals, new techniques to try, a list of YouTube videos and podcasts I want to check out, and more. I can do a lot of that on my phone, but sometimes it is nice to have a real book—especially for the pencil charts. And yep, it’s also a book you can doodle and color in.

After getting to know so many wonderful people in the coloring community, I realized others might be interested in a book like this, too. Something that’s big enough to write in when needed and color in when the mood strikes, yet small enough to toss in a bag for trips to the art store (have it, have it, need it, want it) and compact enough to pack in a carry-on for vacations so you’re never too far from a creative outlet.

It is a book that’s meant to get messy. Fill it up with scribbles, colors, ideas! Let it become your well-worn, dog-eared friend.

The book is currently going through review, and once it is ready for sale, I’ll post an update and show you the actual book. In the meantime, you’ll have to be satisfied with a picture of the cover ….

Creative Companion RubyCharmColors

The Ruby Charm Colors Creative Companion: 2019 Organizer and Coloring Art Journal