A mama bear gift …

I’ve been itching to finish up this image of a bear that’s been rolling around in my head for the past month or so. It’s gone through a few different sketchy versions and I just wasn’t super happy with it. But the other day, as I was thinking about my gardens and what I might want to plant this year, I came across some lupine in a catalog. I sketched a few and that’s when the concept for this illustration finally clicked.

The Lupine Bear is happy sort of zen bear—my inner mama bear. The bear is well-known as a protector that can stand up and fearlessly confront threats, but the bear also exemplifies the playful and happy side of life. It feels right that she is in a patch of lupine since these flowers are symbolic of happiness and can bring inner strength and the ability to overcome pain or trauma. Lupine Bear is holding a fish which, in many cultures, symbolizes health, luck, greater awareness, the capacity to adapt, rebirth,  change and even the sacred feminine. And these connections feel pretty inspiring right now as I struggle with my own worries about what’s around the next corner and how my family will get by the next month or so.

So my inner mama-bear wants to share this image with you. Download and print Lupine Bear to fill with your own colors, and please feel free to print a few for those in your care. Share a little love, and don’t forget that compassion truly is the guardian of our existence and survival.


Lupine Bear: click to download 2 page PDF

Keep scrolling down! I am also adding links to a few other coloring pages you can download, print and color. Many of my RCC facebook community members already have these, but I thought it would be nice to offer them here, too, as a way to help people get through the uncertain days and weeks ahead. Yep, the Corona virus has thrown the world into a tizzy and we are feeling the ripple effects.

The reality of the need for “social distancing” is sinking in for many of us and, looking ahead, it’s important to focus on the positive things in our lives—to not let the stress and worry we are feeling over the quickly-changing (and often worsening) news overwhelm our thoughts and shut us down mentally and physically. We each need to find and maintain balance so we can be healthy and be there for those we love and care for. And we still need to connect with others. If you are not a part of our FB community and would like to join, please do! And take a look at some of my other blog posts if you are interested in coloring and art.

I’m going to try to spend a little more time outdoors and reach out to friends and family more often. Take advantage of the extra time my daughter and I have together now that her school has been shut down. Maybe even read that Kingsolver book my dad gave me for Christmas. I’m also thankful I have my art and plan on continuing to draw new illustrations and create more books. More coloring and blog posts. Having projects, big or small, can help us relax, be more mindful, focus on positive things, and give us a sense of purpose, accomplishment and pride—even when the world seems chaotic and we feel we have no control. Hang in there, my friends, and please try not to feel alone or overwhelmed.


Swirling Bird: click to download .JPG


Seahorse: click to download PDF


April Insect: click to download 2 page PDF



Frog: click to download PDF



Chickens: click to download PDF


Butterfly Heart: click to download PDF