Visions of the Winged-Horse: Love (and Creativity) in the Time of Corona

Love in the time of Cholera, I mean, Corona … any other Gabriel García Márquez fans out there? My favorite book by him is still One Hundred Years of Solitude (which I hope is not the length of time we will need to be in isolation thanks to the Rona). Thankfully our love of all things creative is helping us, to a degree, get through this pandemic.

As a gift to the Ruby Charm Colors Facebook coloring community, I uploaded a copy of the Winged Horse design a few weeks ago and presented a challenge: print this design on anything other than plain old white paper and have fun with it! And guess what started appearing in the RubyCharmColors Instagram and Facebook community feeds? Gorgeous, creative and unique versions of the Winged Horse.

The collection below is a tribute to all the wonderful colorists who took me up on this challenge, and I am forever grateful for their support of my art and Ruby Charm Colors on Etsy and Amazon. If you would like your RCC Winged Horse to be featured here, please let me know and I would be happy to add it to this gallery. If you don’t have a copy of the Winged Horse, you can download it right here: Winged Horse Ruby CharmColors

Cheers, friend and lovers of creativity and thank you for making my world a better place!

Betty Hung RubyCharmColors

Colorist Betty Hung using gorgeous patterned paper found in the bottom of a drawer


Ceri Mason RubyCharmColors

Colorist Ceri Mason using Strathmore Toned Tan Mixed Media paper. Galaxy background with Neocolor II and a posca pen, Luminance and micas by Indigo Art GB for the horse


Gabi Wechsler RubyCharmColors

Colorist Gabi Wechsler on beautiful spring green paper


Gail Mowry RubyCharmColors

Colorist Gail Mowry using a duplication of watercolor background paper she had and recreated using Derwent Procolours


Jeanine Gower RubyCharmColors

Colorist Jeanine Gower who spent an entire morning coloring her horse on this lovely bubble background


Lisa Duggan RubyCharmColors

Colorist Lisa Duggan who didn’t have any fancy papers so used grey paper and some stamps for the background and Caran d’Ache Pablo pencils, Kuretake “Starry Colors” metallic watercolours, plus the good Los Signo uniball white gel pen


Louise Lepage RubyCharmColors

Colorist Louise Lepage, whose starry paper is the perfect backdrop for her colorful horse, noted on her Facebook post she was feeling happy. Yes!


Virginie Planchon RubyCharmColors

Colorist Virginie Planchon used a sheet of imitation wood paper for her lovely horse – her first creation as a coloring beginner – beautiful!

Helen_Winged Horse_RubyCharmColors

Colorist Helen Kulaja McMaster on the perfect circular opening of scrapbook paper adorned with butterflies – she used Polychromos, Prismas, and CD Luminance

Cheryl Shaw RubyCharmColors

Colorist Cheryl Shaw using Pablo pencils, Daniel Smith luminescence watercolors, and a gold pen on lovely soft pink scrapbook paper


Paula Stone Leach RubyCharmColors

Colorist Paula Stone Leach played around with a few signs of spring (found flowers and leaves), painted them with Inktense pencil and pressed them like a stamp onto brown card stock and Polychromos for the horse


Manuela Brettner RubyCharmColors

Colorist Manuela Brettner used colorful mixed media and a variety of stamps to create the background for her striking horse


Lora King RubyCharmColors

Colorist Lora King used crackled scrapbook paper as the backdrop for her Emerald City themed horse from Oz. She used only Guanghui, Holbein, Luminance & Lightfast green pencils!


Marilyn Holmes RubyCharmColors

Colorist Marilyn Holmes used adorable heart-stamps paper as the background for her majestic steed


Lisa Duggan 2 RubyCharmColors

Colorist Lisa Duggan printed the Winged Horse a second time and said it was her attempt at an icy looking pony. “The background was quite difficult but I hope you can recognise it as a snow storm” 😉