The Artist Edition of the Big Book of Color Charts!

Well, it’s finally being printed as we speak and I am so excited! The second author proof I received in the mail is a gorgeous beast of a book and I can’t wait until my shipment of 150 book arrives at my door on July 22 so I can start sending them out on Friday July 23. What a nerve-wracking yet thrilling milestone, especially considering the year I have had so far!

❤️ BIG LOVE ❤️ and massive thanks to everyone who kept encouraging me to keep going and get it done⏤you are all amazing creatures and I appreciate you!

You can learn more about the book here and if you already know you absolutely need this beast you can snag it right here as a pre-order. Shipping starts Friday, July 23!!

It will not be available on Etsy so if anyone asks, send them to my website – thanks!