Luna Moth Throw

Anyone who knows me well knows I am a blanket junkie. I’ve got them all over the house. On chairs, in closets, in boxes and hampers. We even have a few in the Jeep. And we use them. A lot. Especially during the colder months when the wind is howling down on us from the north and the snow piles up. But even during our gorgeous northern Michigan summers, early mornings and late evenings can be chilly.

So how fun would it be to wrap up in the wings of a fanciful luna moth?


This vivid luna 51 x 60″ throw is based on an illustration I did of a botanically inspired Luna moth for an adult coloring page. I used a variety of colored pencils to bring the black and white line drawing to life, and since then, it has morphed into several products (including pillows and a ceramic travel mug I love and use every day) in my Society6 shop. I ordered two throws – one for myself (which I keep on my chair in my studio) and one to sell in my Etsy shop. That one sold within hours of listing and is now on it’s way to Canada, but there are more available at Society6 including two larger sizes: 68 x 80 inches and 88 x 104 inches.

Yep, it’s listed as a “butterfly” instead of a moth. While working with my design files I lumped a bunch of illustrations together under a “butterflies” folder on my computer and so “butterfly” was stuck in my head while uploading items to Society6. Whoops. Slow down, mama.

Many years ago (well before I became a mom) I was camping with friends at the Greenwood Reservoir in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Along the way to the outhouses one rather misty morning, before anyone else was stirring, I discovered the wings of about 6 Luna moths scattered on the ground under a lamp post. Their bodies gone; a Luna massacre. I was horrified and fascinated. The wings were huge and the most beautiful shade of green. I remember carefully picking up a few of the wings so I could bring them home, but over the years, moving from place to place, they have disappeared. One of many little life experiences that continue to shape the art I create today.

By the way, if you love moths, please check out the gorgeous soft sculptural creations by CuriousObjectsCo – Larysa is a very talented artist, and I dream of having one of her moths on my wall some day. She uses richly textured fabrics and beadwork and her moths are just stunning.


So these 100% polyester throws (manufactured via print-on-demand through Society6) are super soft and warm. The inside is lined with really soft, fluffy white Sherpa fleece, and the fanciful botanical-themed moth floats on a misty, silvery-grey background.

In my experience, these throws get even softer when washed (and they can be machine washed with cold water on a gentle cycle, then tumble dried on a low dryer heat setting).



Society6 offers a no hassle return policy so you can order with confidence!